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Professional Roof Leak Repair

Professional Roof Leak Repair

A leaky roof is a disaster waiting to happen. When moisture penetrates your rooftop, it can cause a myriad of problems including flooding, warped wood, and mould. If you suspect your roof needs leak repair, talk to the friendly professionals at RJ’s Ultimate Roofing immediately.

Some rooftop damage is easy to spot. If you have a large hole in the top of your house, you are going to notice it; however, other damages are subtle and require an in-depth inspection. When you call us for roof leak repair in Brisbane Northside, we make every effort to thoroughly check your roofing to ensure we find all potential leaks.

The only way to find the actual location of leaks is to run water over the rooftop. This method can be problematic, depending on the size and location of the damage. It may appear that the leakage stems from one location when in reality it is occurring elsewhere. To minimise damage to your home we always operate with at least two people while we conduct roof leak repairs.

One person is on the rooftop, checking for obvious areas of damage, while the other checks the attic and crawl spaces below the roof for the same. Once we have identified potential hazard areas, we run a small amount of water over them.

We regulate the amount of water used during this process, so we do not cause further damage to your home. On the rooftop, the person operating the hose watches for any obvious drainage. The person inside the house checks the identified areas for actual leaks.

Excellent Options for Roof Leak Repairs

When it comes to roof leak repair, we utilise several different strategies. The immediate solution to prevent further water damage is to seal the leaks with flex tape and install a leak diverter. These options are temporary solutions, but provide us with the opportunity to perform a more thorough roof leak repair on your Sunshine Coast property. The flex tape helps seal the affected area, and the diverter sends the collected water to a receptacle instead of all over the floor.

After we have taped the affected area and placed the diverter in, we start with the actual roof leak repair process. This process includes replacing missing tiles and shingles, patching holes in your roof with sealant or replacement materials.

When we think we have resolved the issue we check it by again running water through the areas of interest. If the water does not reach the diverter, we know we are in the clear. If some still seeps through, we get back to work. We do not stop our roof leak repair service until we are certain your rooftop will no longer let water through.

Bringing you the Best Service Possible

Our years of experience in the roof leak repair industry has prepared us for any leaky roof, no matter the how large or small. We notice the little things and know where the most common leaks occur in a wide variety of roofing styles. This knowledge helps us bring you the best service possible.

When your roof is leaking, do not hesitate to speak with one of our friendly representatives right away.

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