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Having your roof cleaned may seem to some like it would be unnecessary or simply a luxury. But it can help prevent damage to your roof and help you avoid costly repairs or restoration in the future. Over time, natural debris like leaves, twigs and dirt can work their way underneath your roofing tiles.

When these become wet during rainstorms, they can swell and cause damage to your roofing tiles. They can also build up in your eaves causing blockages and standing pools of water that can shorten the lifespan of your eaves.

Having your roof cleaned at least once a year can help you avoid these costly repairs and restorations and make your roof much more presentable.

Trust RJ’s Ultimate Roofing and Restorations to Clean Your Roof Thoroughly

We clean your roof using a high-pressure water system that effectively dislodges debris before it has a chance to work itself under your roofing tiles. By having this cleaning service performed before the start of the rainy season, we can help prevent any damage to your roof and alleviate the need to constantly be cleaning out your eaves during periods of rain.

We have been servicing the entire Brisbane area for over 20 years. We always provide quick and effective roofing services including cleaning. Call us today to make an appointment to have your roof cleaned and see how easy it can be.
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