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Stylish and Durable Roof Extensions Brisbane

Corrugated iron roofs of modern houses

The roof is a major part of any property. Without a good one, your property is left weak and open to the weather, pests and much more. But if you have a great roof, maybe you want to extend what you have to create extra useful space around your property?

A new roof extension adds more protection and enhances your existing roof. It will look good and add value to your property, so well worth the investment. The skilled RJs Ultimate Roofing team can extend metal and tiled roofs. We will extend your roof so it flawlessly blends with what you have.

What Are the Benefits of a Roof Extension?

  • A tiled or metal roof extension adds value to your home
  • A quality roof extension protects your property from severe weather
  • Rainwater will be filtered away from the side of your property

Tiled Roof Extensions Brisbane

RJs Ultimate Roofing and Restorations provide expert roofing services for clients across Brisbane. Roof repairs, roof restoration, roof painting and roof extensions are our specialties. We can restore any roof and make it look like brand new again. If you need the best tiled roof extensions in Brisbane, we are here to help.

Metal Roof Extensions Brisbane

A new roof adds value to your home and strengthens its defenses against the weather, pests and possible corrosion. Sometimes you may not want to get a whole new roof, but why not extend your current roof? Metal roofs are extremely durable and extending the roof around your property gives that extra bit of protection from the sun’s rays and rain. Call RJs Ultimate Roofing for a free, no obligation quote anytime.

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