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Preparing to Sell Your Home? Determine If You Need Roof Maintenance First

Preparing to Sell Your Home? Determine If You Need Roof Maintenance First

Selling a home is a long and sometimes difficult process, whether you live in Moreton Bay or somewhere else around the Sunshine Coast. There are many steps, from packing up your belongings to listing the property for sale and waiting for a buyer. Before you can even get to that stage, though, most homeowners undertake a thorough inspection of the property. Disclosing problems to a buyer is important. During your considerations, have you determined that your home needs some roof maintenance? Roofing problems aren’t uncommon, but many buyers will ask for repairs or a discount on the asking price if problems exist.

At RJ’s Ultimate Roofing, we provide competitively priced roofing maintenance, repair, and renovation options for a wide area. Backed up by two decades of experience in the industry, we not only know our stuff, we’ve worked on jobs with many diverse demands. This hands-on knowledge equips us to deliver excellent service that targets the problem areas of your roof and brings them back to life. If your roof is looking tired, a touch-up here and there could even boost your property’s kerb appeal. If you aren’t sure whether you need roof maintenance for your Brisbane Northside residence, here are a few of the major warning signs to look for before you sell.

Three signs that indicate a need for roof maintenance

  • Visibly broken tiles, accumulated wear and tear, and other evident damage. If you can see the problem, you can pick up the phone immediately. Not only is damage unsightly, but it could be a precursor to further problems. Proactive repairs mean you can put it out of your mind.
  • Water spots suddenly appear indoors after a heavy rain. This is a classic way to tell when a homeowner must call for roof maintenance. When damp areas appear on the ceiling, or a drip occurs, some part of your roof has failed.
  • A sudden increase in your energy bills. It might seem like your utility bill is a strange way to tell if you need roof maintenance, but it could indicate a leak you can’t see. Air could escape through gaps in the roof, creating inefficiency and driving up your power consumption.

RJ’s Ultimate Roofing is ready to help today

If you spot any of the signs above, it is a safe bet that you will need to request some form of roof maintenance on your Sunshine Coast home. However, some problems are harder to detect from the surface. RJ’s Ultimate Roofing offers completely free quotes with no obligation to pursue service; we can help you understand what is wrong with your roof and what it needs to be reliable once again. Provide yourself — and your future buyer from Moreton Bay to Brisbane Northside — with the comfort that comes from knowing there is a dependable roof over your head. To request a quote or share your questions with us, please call us on 0429 033 537.

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