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Sell Your Home Faster with the Help of the Right Roof Painters

Sell Your Home Faster with the Help of the Right Roof Painters

Street appeal is one of the most important things to consider if you are thinking about putting your home up for sale. Different home improvements can add differing levels of value and appeal to your home, from decks to renovated kitchens and beyond. However, street appeal usually ranks at or near the top of lists of recommended home improvements for sellers, if only because it will make the biggest mark on the largest number of people. Hiring a roof painter is one way you can improve the street appeal of your home before you try to sell.

Why Street Appeal Is So Important (and How Roof Painters Can Help)

Think of it this way: not everyone is going to see your renovated kitchen or deck addition, and such features might not necessarily be high on the priority list for every buyer. However, the better your house looks from the street, the more people will want to see the inside and the more potential buyers it will attract.

As roof painters in Brisbane Northside, Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast, our team at RJ’s Ultimate Roofing can help you achieve the kind of street appeal that will get more people to your showings and hopefully net you more offers. The roof is something a lot of potential buyers pay attention to when shopping for homes. Because replacing a roof is such a substantial home improvement expense, it’s something that the average buyer is going to go out of their way to avoid. As such, if your roof looks tired, a lot of potential buyers are probably going to pass on even seeing your house, just because they don’t want to deal with a potential roof issue.

For more than ten years, RJ’s Ultimate Roofing has been helping customers revitalise their roofs. It’s possible that your roof is still in decent shape but is just looking a little bit dull. Hiring a roof painter in Moreton Bay or the Sunshine Coast will help make your roof look newer and fresher, which will give buyers more peace of mind when seeing your house.

If your roof needs more of a full-scale restoration, RJ’s can do that as well. We aren’t just roof painters in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Northside. On the contrary, our team is also experienced in the cleaning, re-tiling, repointing or otherwise maintaining roofs. If your roof needs a total replacement, we can also undertake full re-roofing projects. All our roofs carry seven years of warranty coverage, which you can offer as a selling point to potential buyers.

Hire a Professional Roof Painter

Don’t let your roof compromise the street appeal of your home. Instead, call RJ’s Ultimate Roofing and let our roof painters in Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay or Brisbane Northside make your roof look new again. With a fresh roof from RJ’s, you’ll get more interest in your home and might even be able to boost the asking price.

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